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January 2022 — Pét Nat

I am so excited to embark on another year of drinking… ahem… education! This year I am embarking on some new adventures, recovering from a harvest  and along with everyone, trying to get through the COVID depression!

The word PIVOT sends shivers down my spine and the thought of cancelling another plan isn’t even worth the emotion of getting upset anymore. Instead of focusing on the bad, I’m writing to you to tell you that there is plenty to be happy with in the wine industry — and we are embarking on a new project! News on the latter soon!

Our first WOTM Club of the season!!!

I find Pét Nats fascinating for their purity — not in a conventional sense, but in a fruit-meets-fermentation-meets-palate-immediately sense. Fermentation can be very complicated when you start considering all the factors that can be controlled and how those factors affect the finished product. This year I’ve paid careful attention to bubbles and trying to keep them in bottle, not on your ceiling! I’m really happy with these and think they bring balance and poise — with a bit of funky purity of course.

2 x 2021 White Pét Nat — NEW

32% Gewürztraminer, 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 29% Viognier and 9% Riesling

A lightly aromatic wine with a savoury note from in-bottle yeast aging and time on skins. Exotically spiced — notes of Guava, kiwi and nectarines — on the nose with a savoury and lightly effervescent palate.

1 x 2021 Red Pét Nat — PREVIEW

37% Baco Noir, 23% Cabernet Franc and 40% Riesling

Baco is back! This time in sparkling. Light bubbles will get more vigorous (and drier) over time — this is still a young wine. It’s showing lovely notes of berries — blackberries, cherries, strawberry and currants. Finishes with savoury spice and complexity — think beets (slightly meaty), rosehip tea, tarragon and clove.


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