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Pinot Noir: The Heartbreak Grape

By: Mackenzie Brisbois Pinot Noir is often called the heartbreak grape. The wines can cost a small fortune and are so...

Ageing Orange Wines

How old is too old with orange wine? Although Orange Wine production is a wine style that has been around forever, we...

Yeast and Creaminess (In Sparkling)

By: Mackenzie Brisbois Where is yeast heaven? If I were a yeast I would head straight for the bottle of champagne and...

April WOTM: Who Put Forest Floor In My Glass?

By: Mackenzie Brisbois Where do all those tastes and aromas come from? Who put forest floor in my glass? In Jamie Go...

February WOTM: Malolactic Fermentation

By: Mackenzie Brisbois Often called malo or MLF for short, malolactic fermentation is an optional technique employed...
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