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Healthy People, Plants & Soils

We love terroir and believe this is comprised of a combination of site, climate and soils as well as vineyard and cellar practices. We are known to push boundaries.
We use low-intervention practices in the vineyard and cellar. Since 2018, we have employed primarily organic and regenerative practices to build soil health and aid biodiversity. Our grapes are hand-picked and hand-processed. In the cellar, wild, non-select yeasts ferment our wines and we guide them with as little intervention as possible. We don’t use ‘corrections’ such as enzymes, tannins or colours. Sulphurs or zero to low. All our wines, regardless of style, remain unfiltered and whole — showcasing site and vintage with unabashed honesty.
Mackenzie Brisbois - Winemaker & Vineyard Manager
Learning, living and drinking in the culture of amazing wine while working at Norman Hardie Winery and gaining experience during harvests in South African (Bouchard Finlayson and Sumaridge) and New Zealand (Central Otago Wine Company) shaped her style. Taking on a new project, Mackenzie moved from Prince Edward County to Nanaimo, British Columbia (Chateau Wolff). Having sampled various wine regions, Mackenzie is confident that the limestone soils of PEC are where she wants to put down her roots.
Brooke Taylor - Assistant Winemaker & Vineyard Manager
Brooke is a graduate of the winemaking program at Niagara College. Having worked a harvest at Rosewood as well as in New Zealand she has left the Niagara region for beautiful Prince Edward County. Brooke is no novice with plants. Having run her own landscaping company, taught a Sustainable Agriculture program in the Panamanian jungle and completing a bachelor’s degree at Ryerson University (now MTU) in Environment and Urban Sustainability, she helps to foster healthy plants and make delicious wines.
Alex Sproll - Partner, Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing
Alfredo Rivera - Vineyard (Seasonal)
J.R. - Vineyard Tech
Anton & Hildegard Sproll - Proprietors
Sylvia Sproll - Partner, Regulatory & Admin

We grow our estate fruit as well as work with like-minded growers in PEC and Niagara. The sites and growers we work with are:
Trail Estate Vineyard
Our vineyard comprises 6.5 acres. Two acres each of Chardonnay an Pinot Noir, One acre Baco Noir, and the balance Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Geisenheim and Gewürztraminer. Our site consists of clay-like soil above many layers of calcareous limestone. The North Block has shallower soils (~12 inches) and heavier clay soils. The South Block has marginally deeper, more gravelly soils. In summer, we often get drought-like conditions stressing the vines. The fruit has delicate aromatics, perfect natural acidity and tend towards flavours of citrus in whites and cran-strawberry in reds.
Other Historical PEC Vineyards:
Melville Road Vineyard
Velo Vineyard
Ed Hughes Vineyard
Lincoln Lakeshore Appellation
Located on top of old stoney shorelines and ancient glacial till. On the ground, Ed uses minimum tillage and permanent cover crops to maintain soil integrity—his was the first Ontario vineyard to be Certified Sustainable. On the vines, careful (and taller) canopy management result in perfectly balanced, aromatic fruit. Think Riesling!

Foxcroft Vineyard

Twenty Mile Bench Appellation
A gem of Niagara vineyards. Half way up the escarpment on a  south-facing slope, this vineyard ripens rapidly in Fall. Fruit from the Foxcroft Vineyard has a savoury and textural element that we find unique and delicious — especially so in Cabernet Franc.

Grimsby Hillside Vineyard
Lincoln Lakeshore Appellation
One of Ontario’s historic vineyards at the foot of the Escarpment, it has been growing grapes since 1874. While the vineyards have been replanted many times over the site, and growing are impeccable — and starting with the 2022 vintage, the vast majority of the fruit we select from here is grown with organic farming practices.
Other Historical Niagara Vineyards:
Wertsch Vineyard
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