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Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
Pipette Magazine
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Pipette Magazine

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Pipette Magazine is an independent print magazine about natural wines, 3x/year, distributed globally. Ad free.
The magazine highlights small producers of natural wine, and the communities around them, through an edgy, contemporary perspective. We publish top quality, original journalism alongside unique illustration and photography.
Issue 2: an interview with natural wine journalist Alice Feiring; an interview with Athenaïs de Béru, winemaker in Chablis; an interview with Montréal wine importer Vanya Filipovic; features on the following winemakers: Denavolo (Emilia-Romagna); St. Reginald Parish (Oregon); Slovenian natural wine; La Perdida (Galicia); Lapati Wines (Republic of Georgia); Nusserhof (Tyrol); and a personal essay about Costadilà wines’ founder Ernesto Cattel and an interview with Fleur Godart, natural wine distributor in Paris.
Issue 6: long-form features on Commune of Buttons (Australia); Naboso (Slovakia); Trossen (Germany); and Maloof Wines (Oregon). As well, it holds an essay on natural wine culture in the U.S.; the stories behind June Bar; Loup Bar; and Lane Harlan's hospitality work in Baltimore; an interview with comedian/winemaker Eric Wareheim; a personal essay about making natural verjus in California; and city guides to Los Angeles and Paris.

Issue 8: City guides to Melbourne and Sydney; a long, fascinating interview with Austrian winemaking iconoclast Christian Tschida; a “day in the life” during harvest at Abruzzo winery Lammidia; a personal account of receiving a natural wine delivery by boat in Copenhagen; the story behind Australian winemaker Jordy Kay’s foray into compostable plastic wrap; the story of Jauma Wines’ new farm and yoga studio, also in Australia; a profile on Anders Frederik Steen and Anne Bruun Blauert; the story of Maria and Alex Koppitsch’s natural winery in the Burgenland; an in-depth article about how importers are considering labor ethics and transparency, and a poem for natural wine lovers.
Issue 9: An interview with the first (and only!) natural winemaker in Finland; an essay by Brooklyn wine professional Alex Alan on how post-2020 New York restaurant culture might look; a long, powerful interview with Lauren Friel of Rebel Rebel (Boston) on why natural wine is definitely political and what she’s doing about it; a story about one of our boutique magazine stockists in Stockholm who are making sure that print isn’t dead; the story behind the iconic “Vine Wine Sign”; and a look at how Canada’s hottest new natural winery leverages branding; a feature on Joy Kull aka La Villana (Lazio, Italy); and a photo essay by Twin Island Cider (British Columbia) who documents their own clay harvesting and vessel making process.
Issue 10: An essay by Hannah Fuellenkemper on the art of winter pruning. Domestique Wine’s adventures with Virginia natural wine & cider & spontaneously fermented beer. A photo essay on Clos Bateau, a new natural wine project in the Beaujolais. An interview with Judith Beck (Burgenland) about converting her vineyards to biodynamics and finding her own “style” as a winemaker. A long interview with South Australia’s Manon Farm on learning to farm organically and without irrigation

Issue 10 has profiles on the following natural winemakers, including original photography: Matassa (Roussillon, FR), Catherine Riss (Alsace, FR), Glow Glow (Nahe, Germany).


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